Smart Mobility: Rethinking The Automotive Industry

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Innovations in autonomous vehicles, data & AI, electric vehicles and shared mobility

Innovations in autonomous vehicles, data & AI, electric vehicles and shared mobility are set to revolutionize the transportation sector.
It's no longer such a rare thing. After all, cars are affected by digitization, too. Sensors produce increasing volumes of measured values which Big Data Analytics then turn into valuable information. Which is exactly the core business of Tech companies such as Aiote Afrika.
Big data, for example, offers the possibility of using predictive diagnostics for detecting and eliminating problems in the field even before customers have noticed them. With a steadily increasing population, transport infrastructures are limited by space and money in their ability to meet the needs. This is when the concepts and implementation of mobility appear. When the means of transport do not fit what you need, you can use some of the existing means of cooperative transport.

autonomous vehicles

. There are also autonomous vehicles and a myriad of other possibilities. For all of these modalities, we have the option of using services especially dedicated to mobility. Such services may consist of route management applications on a map with real-time data, or car-sharing services. And there is always one characteristic that unites all these possibilities: the Internet of Things.
In addition, an incredible amount of information emerges from cooperative transport. With the data obtained from the use of these services we can find usage patterns, details on how the transports operate, and user preferences. This information is invaluable to companies, which can use it to improve the efficiency of what they offer.
Data can also be processed and stored to improve the overall picture of transport. Thanks to state-of-the-art analyses performed within the context of the Internet of Things, the resulting information will undoubtedly help to fulfill the dream of a smarter, more efficient and, of course, connected world.

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Some of our projects

Smart Recycle

From densely populated cities to smaller rural communities, waste management systems keep our homes and communities free from unwanted clutter. Although these waste management services exist in nearly every community, the industry’s current operating standards have proven inefficient and highly resource-intensive. This inefficiency is largely due to outdated manual collection methods and logistical processes which lack efficient data-driven solutions.

We have begun to develop and implement IoT-related solutions to these problems. From waste bins equipped with fill-sensors, to data-based management and logistics platforms, the solution aims at shifting into a cleaner, more efficient part of modern life.

Smart Clean

Smart City

By kicking off with Air Quality project, Nairobi City and other towns will be able to control Water Levels, Water Consumption, Water Quality, Air Quality, Traffic Density and Car Park Occupation.

This project will be a continuation to Smart Atmosphere

Smart Town


Agtech is about addressing the grand challenges in agriculture, using technology to increase production of food and renewable energy in the face of a changing climate

The project targets both small and large-scale farmers

Smart Farm

Smart Atmosthere

Tracks Toxins and Chemicals, Dust, CO2, Humidity and Temperature. Provides actionable insights and personalized tips

Our Sensors are Made in Kenya and programmed to fit into the nature of our atmosphere. The Project is ongoing and targits our Capital, Nairobi

Smart Island

Mako Aiote

Mako Aiote makes campaigns more effective by introducing real-time targeting to digital out-of-home media. Aiote big data and targeting algorithms can help advertisers: Determine the most optimal locations for their campaigns; Lower campaign costs by paying only for relevant impressions; Reach disparate audiences with relevant messaging

Smart InfoCar

Smart Industry

Smart Industry Solutions provide an integrated IoT solution for smooth operations that has features such as monitoring of key parameters to indicate abnormal behavior of the equipment and sending alert notifications for decision making. This includes power & water consuption and saving suggestions and detecting machinery breakdown with the help of Machine Learning


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